First Broadcast Test Receiver (BR-VBI) shipped

Today we shipped our first broadcast test receiver (BR-VBI). Hooray!

BR-VBI is a digital broadcast receiver allowing measurements and supervision for all common broadcast networks from 400 kHz up to 950 MHz. BR-VBI is natively supported by the Kathrein Signal Analyzer (KSA) software which is an ideal combination for spectrum and channel impulse response analysis, service performance estimation, and many more use-cases.

The measurement system is suitable for mobile vehicular-based as well as for remote stationary measurements.

BR-VBI contains two selectable RF inputs paths, optimized for two different frequency ranges. The best dynamic range for a wide range of input signal levels is achieved by switchable input attenuators and low-noise amplifiers. Multi-stage input signal filtering guarantees optimal channel selectivity for a convincing measurement experience. A fast-attack overdrive prevention circuit attenuates the input level to adequate signal levels. This enables accurate drive tests in which signal levels fluctuate strongly.

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