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Radar Systems

Simple, yet powerful

What kind of RADAR?

Together with Bern University of applied sciences (BFH-TI), we developped a FMCW radar for counting birds in the sky up to a height of 1km.

Key features

  • One RX and one TX daughterboard for our SDR hardware
  • TX Frequency range: 9300-9500MHz
  • Output power: 10mW
  • TX waveform loadable from linux user space
  • RX baseband streaming interface
  • FPGA radar coprocessor in development


Examples of some of our specialized 9.3-9.5GHz SDR front-end boards that are used for the FMCW bird counter. FMCW Tx Daughterboard TX daughterboard FMCW Rx Dautherboard RX daughterboard

More information

Contact us if you are interested in radar applications.